Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary!! Our story and our new tradition for every year

A day like today 2 years ago, we decided to get married what we call our civil wedding date. As some of you might know, we had two weddings. Originally we weren't going to get married in Dec, I've always said no way..... Since its christmas and its also my birthday and look lol.

But because Dec 5 th was our engagement party, and we got engaged Oct 14 th Josue didn't want to wait to long to tie the knot . So I said what better then to celebrate 2 events in one, crazy me came up with the idea and everyone seamed to agree. So here we are, with our 1st wedding anniversary.

Now when looking for gift's I wanted to start something that we can do every year. I love traditions, so I used my friend google and I found gift's on a 2 year anniversary.

So when you hit 2 yrs it's "COTTON". How exciting hmmm yup, this should be easy and it was. But my husband is not so much into all these celebrations, but he knows how I am a hopeless romantic he bought me flowers, a card and some chocolates. This is so out of his character, so when I see flowers I get excited.

Below are some pics of my thoughtful gifts.

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