Monday, January 13, 2014

Office Desk Tour

Hi ! Friends 

Back once again this time with a blog on my office decor, some people might think its silly but I'm obsessed with changing my desk every 3-4 months. Call me crazy , and yes I know silently people might think its crazy. But hey, for me having pretty things and a colorful desk helps me through. 

This is a short and simple way to transform your space with paper , plants , and a few accessories. 

 View of my desk. 

Obbsessed with my fox mug, I'm changing from coffee to tea. So what better way to do it in style ... Lol. 

Marshals: Mug $4.99 , Mr.Tea $5.99

IKEA: plant 

Hobby Lobby : monogram on sale $1.69 ea ( what a bargain) 

Target: yellow trays $.99 , thank you notes $.99, paper $.99, calendar $.99

Stole this idea from some girls at work. Get any coat, or shower hanger and place it over the wall brilliant right!!! .  This is perfect to hang your purse , your umbrella and jacket. 

Ohhhh hello! Kate Spade 💗💗💗💗👜

And my last item I adore, I was looking for a pillow for back support since I suffer from back issues boooo :0(. So I was not going to spend allot , so I was on a hunt. To my surprise during my winter vacay my sis and I stopped at Ross In Ga, and there she was. When I looked at the price $6.50. Say what!!!! I grab it faster then.... Well u get the point. 

I'm currently happy with my office space , it's happy and bright. So take some time and pick up a few things to revamp your space. If you are like me I feel like I live at my desk lol, so why not live in a pretty place. 

Well, I hope you learned something if you questions , message me. Hugs to all 



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