Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BH Cosmetics New California City Special Pallets Swatches

Hello Friends! Excited to chat and share with you these two great pallets from BH Cosmetics, they just released 3 new California city named pallets. I only purchased two of the pallets, so I wanted to share with you how pigmented are the colors. BH Cosmetics did it again! Oh and you won't believe it, they are only $10.00 woohoo!

The two pallets purchased were San Francisco and Malibu. Now why didn't I pick Hollywood? Good question, well I just felt that Hollywood was very similar to Malibu. But I'm pretty sure it's as beautiful as the rest, but I'm happy with my choices. So back to the review, I want to list the things I love and not love.

Things I love: 1) The Pigmentation: BH has never disappointed , great solid colors that last and stand out 2) The color combinations provides a balance to the pallet 3) The blushes: Can I say wow! They've included a white shimmer color as a highlighter that looks amazing. This has to be my fave, it gives you the glowy look. 3) The package is great , it's small enough to fit in your purse or great for travel.

Things I don't love: Nothing really, I think the price is great for the value and of course the cute packaging :0)

So my friends I hope these pics help you pick your fave pallet, and if you want to see a makeup tutorial let me know. Follow me on social media : Twitter and Instagram yarimar22.

So here are the swatches.


BH Malibu Eyeshadow & Blush Palette








San Francisco

BH San Francisco Eyeshadow & Blush Palette




Wearing Malibu


Xo yarimar



Monday, March 11, 2013

Nail Polish Mania

Hi! Friends

So how many can agree that this past year we've seen so many nailpolish addicts. Totally guilty! I can honestly say that I'm obsessed, with nail polish. I find myself going to Ulta , Walgreens and picking up a new color. Before I discovered my secret nailpolish weapon against the dreaded nail drying time, I was not into painting my nails. But now that I've found this amazing , incredible, extraordinary drying liquid I can change my nail colors at least two times a week. If you follow instructions carefully you will see that you can have a new mani a few times a week. :0) . Below is a preview of my nailpolish collection, and soon I will be expanding to a case, excited. But until now enjoy.


Enjoy a few of my manis

Today's Mani







My secret to fast drying nails





Nail polish collection

Well ladies I hope you get inspired to get those nails painted, and ready for Spring. Make sure you follow me in social media.

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Xo Yarimar