Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cotton On for Charity

In search for bargains I stopped at this store called Cotton On, at the Seminole Town Center Mall. This store caught my attention, due its organic feel . The best part, they carry men's clothing as well. So how exciting it is to shop for me and my hubs.

Being Mrs. Clearance, I went straight to her and found these amazing jeans. They fit so well, having a stretch material and a high waist cut that won't cut you in your mid section. Makes it a jean for everyday. I picked these up for $15.00. On the way out, I stopped at the counter and I saw these bracelets in allot of colors and I had to pick them up Only $3.50. How cute it's is with the charms.

Cotton On is a great store so far, we're you can get affordable and stylish clothing, even better they have these bracelets that come in many different colors and the proceeds go to there foundation. I am all about giving especially, when you know that as little as a dollar can go along way. Check out there page for more info. So why not next time you are out surfing the web for something cute to wear, or if you are around town stop by and check them out. Fl locations are the Seminole Town Center mall, Florida Mall or Volusia Mall

Hugs Mrs. Clearance

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