Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CVS Couponing Time ! Loreal and Colgate

Happy Saturday! 

I get so excited when I go to CVS, since I learned how to coupon from my sister in law Pricila ( aka coupon queen lol ) it's become an addiction. I want a coupon for everything now,  and believe it or not coupons come for just about anything. 

This being said I did a video a few months ago on how I coupon , it takes some planning but it's possible. So much so that it's so rare now that I purchase anything from a target or walmart, cvs is my go too for my makeup needs. 

So let's start, first thing is you divide your transactions. Thank you to southernsavers.com , I created a list of the things I wanted to purchase.  Now this site is amazing to view all stores, they sort it out for you and they do the work. But more on this later. 

Transaction 1: 

Optic White ToothPaste 

Regular Price: $4.79
Sale Price: $3.00

Sale was spend $12.00 get $6 ECB ( extra care bucks) aka money 

Coupons used:
MFG: $1.00 
MFG: $2.00
CVS: $2.00

Total : $7.70 
Saved $12.16
Each: $1.93 each toothpaste 

Transaction 2:

Loreal Skin Care 

Revtalift wipes (2) Regular Price: $ $7.29
Revivalift Eye Cream Regular Price: $ 17.49

Sale was spend $30.00 get $10 ECB ( extra care bucks) aka money 

Coupons used:
MFG: $1.00 
MFG: $5.00
MFG: $2.00
CVS: $3.00

Total : $23.31
Saved $11.00
Each: $7.77each 
** this deal had a $10.00 mail in rebate * woohoo

Transaction 3:

Loreal and Milani 

Milani Lipstick (2) Regular Price: $ 5.79 
                                  Sale BOGO    $2.89

Loreal Telescopic Macara  Regular Price: $ 9.49
Loreal Liquid Foundation :  Regular Price: $ 12.99
Loreal Moisture Blur:     Regular Price: $ 24.99

Sale was spend $12.00 get $4 ECB ( extra care bucks) aka money 

Coupons used:
MFG: $1.00 
MFG: $2.00
MFG: $5.00
CVS: $10.00 ECB transaction 2
CVS: $ 6.00 ECB transaction 1
CVS coupon email 25% entire purchase 

Total : $23.38
Saved $38.77
Each: $ 4.68

This was the best purchase by far, since the Loreal Blur cost was $24.99. So if you look at it, I got the rest of the items for the price of one. 

I was extremely excited for this trip, I hope this motivates you to do a bit of planning so you can also save. 

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Message me with any questions. Happy Saving. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Office Desk Tour

Hi ! Friends 

Back once again this time with a blog on my office decor, some people might think its silly but I'm obsessed with changing my desk every 3-4 months. Call me crazy , and yes I know silently people might think its crazy. But hey, for me having pretty things and a colorful desk helps me through. 

This is a short and simple way to transform your space with paper , plants , and a few accessories. 

 View of my desk. 

Obbsessed with my fox mug, I'm changing from coffee to tea. So what better way to do it in style ... Lol. 

Marshals: Mug $4.99 , Mr.Tea $5.99

IKEA: plant 

Hobby Lobby : monogram on sale $1.69 ea ( what a bargain) 

Target: yellow trays $.99 , thank you notes $.99, paper $.99, calendar $.99

Stole this idea from some girls at work. Get any coat, or shower hanger and place it over the wall brilliant right!!! .  This is perfect to hang your purse , your umbrella and jacket. 

Ohhhh hello! Kate Spade πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘œ

And my last item I adore, I was looking for a pillow for back support since I suffer from back issues boooo :0(. So I was not going to spend allot , so I was on a hunt. To my surprise during my winter vacay my sis and I stopped at Ross In Ga, and there she was. When I looked at the price $6.50. Say what!!!! I grab it faster then.... Well u get the point. 

I'm currently happy with my office space , it's happy and bright. So take some time and pick up a few things to revamp your space. If you are like me I feel like I live at my desk lol, so why not live in a pretty place. 

Well, I hope you learned something if you questions , message me. Hugs to all 



Video Tour 

Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY 2014 Things to Remember Jar

Hi! Friends I wanted to share with you an easy DIY project , that I personally think it's super cute. It allows you to keep track during the year all the things that have occurred. 

I don't know about you, but I feel that 2013 went super fast. So when I saw this idea, I had to do it. I posted a pick on my Instagram, with some ideas on how to capture 2014.  So I thought! Why not put it in a jar, so below is what I did. This took me about 2 hrs, so if you have the time you should try it. Post a comment if you do try it. 

Let's get started


Jar: I bought it at the thrift store a while back .69, Walmart has them for $1.38 or so. Glitter of any kind , this is what I had , spray adhesive (michaels), glue gun , scissors , I added rhinestones on mine, but you can add flowers or whatever you think is cute.  

Step 1: 

I just took paper and I drew a heart, I wanted to make it transparent so the pieces of paper can be seen. Then cut it out 

Step 2: 

Once it's cut, you take tape and you allign it and place it inside the jar. Just like below. 

Step 3: 

Take spray glue and just spray it inside , Be sure that you place this inside or on something. This is really sticky and it dries fast. 

Step 4:

Take the glitter now and poor it, poor a good amount inside.  Close the lid and shake , Your jar should be covered , with glitter. 

Step 5:

Your jar should look like this, once it's a bit dry shake off extra glitter. Remove the paper , but you must let it dry. 

Step 6:  Optional 

This part is optinal, since I'm a visual person. I just printed and glued this paper to remind me on what to reflect on. 

Step 7:

I added some stones I had in my craft box, again you can use whatever you want. I also added this pink ribbon. 

This is the final outcome, I place my first piece of paper. I decided to set this in my night stand , so at night before I head to bed I take a few minutes to reflect on my day.  

I hope this gets you inspired and when 2014 ends you can open your jar and reflect back on all the things that when on. Well happy DIY!!

Comment below if you tried it and tag me on Instagram

Xo Yarimar

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Tired of Water?

Hi! Friends so the new year has arrived and everyone one has New Years resolutions, but by this time I think people get un motivated. So this is one simple way to make a change, I'm pretty sure  you've seen it, but I encourage you to try it. If u can't make a drastic change In your eating habits start small. 

By drinking one glass each morning, this will help your skin during the day. 

The ingridients are easy
Cucumber , lemon , bay leaf


Cucumbers: A source if vitamin B, acts as a quick pick me up. Rehydrates the body and it replenishes with vitamins. It helps fight cancer, cucumber has lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. These ligans have a connection based , studies show  that it helps fight breast cancer , uterine and prostate cancer. These are just a few of the things that by adding it you can benefit from it.


Great source if vitamin c, and it helps protect from a low immune system deficiencie. Lemon contains pectin fiber which is beneficial to colon health . It helps balance the PH level in your body, and this is great for amazing skin. Helps purify the blood, it treats sore throat and goodness the list goes on. But you get the point! Right? 

Bay leaf: 

Who would of thought that this leaf had so much to give. So here are some things, it contains vitamin A by the way it's a naturals antioxidant that helps with your visual sight. Another great source that produces is potassium , calcium , maganese , and iron. All of these help and contribute to heart health and blood pressure. 

So I don't think I need to say more , if you are not a water person try falavoring it naturally. In the long run, you are helping yourself and your fam. 

I how you try it! Cheers drink up 

Xo Yarimar 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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"New Year Day OOTD: Heading to stone mountain GA, rocking a high bun, flower headband , #avon necklace , #aeropostale plaid shirt and vest. #yarimar #fashiondiaries HAppy New Years to all πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ xo "
(taken at State Of South Carolina)

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Christmas Shopping!

Hello Friends! 

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with your families , I sure did. We ate and ate and played games and ate more .... Yikes it was bad. But overall, it was a great time. After Christmas I took two of my nieces to the mall, I wasn't looking for anything In particular. But If I liked something I picked it up, so that's what I did. 

I have to confess that I have a new obsession with bows, I just think they are girly and super cute. So Forever XXI had some items and I had to get them. 

But 1st this is a pic of me and the girls at Claire's having fun trying on sunglasses. 

The next pics are random items I loved and wanted to get. 

Flower cosmetic bag $6.80 perfect for spring , hair bands $1.00 , lip gloss bear $3.80 , leather bow for hair $ 2.80 ,  black and gold bow braclet $ 4.80 

Michael Kors wallet / wristlet @ Michael Kors.  Great bargain. Original $99.00 sale price $49 w an additional 25% off so it was $39 final price. 😳😬 was super excited. 

Big chuncky gold ring $2.80 , Knuckle rings $1.80 , 2 PC earrings $2.80 , bow gold necklace $6.80 and flower compact mirror $3.80

Over all, if was an accessories kind of day for me. Loved what I picked up, super girly and fun.

I hope you all liked it, if you pick up something tag me on Instagram and don't forget to follow. Hugs