Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We are going on a Cruise!!!! / What should you pack......

This weekend we are going on a family / friends cruise to celebrate my niece Marielly's 15th B-day we are having come from PA, Florida to join us. So excited that it's my first cruise and I get to share it with my family and friends. Now the million dollar question is what do I wear, so here are some ideas of what to pack. Here are some imagines,  I found,  note that 1/2 of what you will take you will probably not use. So the trick is to mix and match. For cabin space, think  hanging objects just like this one.  Can't wait to share pictures with you all, posting later on what I'm taking to the cruise. 

Don't forget to check out the website dedicated to my niece and post birthday wishes:

Other things not to forget:
sunblock or sun tan
flip flops
Picture IDS

** Note these are just Ideas**

Cruise Packing List

This packing list is based on what I would take for a week long cruise in a warm climate:
1. Three sundresses that can be worn both for casual dinner and during the day
2. Two pairs of shorts for daytime – one denim and one classic
3. Three tank tops for daytime – solid colours
4. One smart-casual skirt that can be worn for casual dinner and by day
5. One long sleeve shirt of light material
6. One tunic – perfect for relaxing by the pool on board or by the beach ashore
7. One light jacket
8. Two bathing suits
9. A Little Black Dress – this never goes wrong for evening wear and would be perfect to for a smart-casual dinner
10. One cocktail dress – cocktail dresses can be a little more fun than formal gowns but are still suitable for formal dinner.
11. One formal gown – a full length gown in a solid colour always looks beautiful. Opt for classic elegance and it’ll never go out of style.
12. One pair of fancy heels – stick to a neutral colour that will match multiple outfits
13. One pair of nice sandals – perfect for smart-casual evenings
14. One pair of tennis shoes or any comfortable walking shoes
15. Complimentary jewellery and bag to match your formal outfits, as well as a practical bag for daytime
16. Mascara, foundation, sunscreen and lipstick for a touch of glamour