Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Michael Kors Xmas

My birthday month comes every year, but this year is a bit more special since I turn the big 30. That being said, I am celebrating all month long. Why Not!! Lol

I am in love with Michael Kors, his beautiful designs make people want to look fab either with a watch, or a purse or dress or shoes.... Must I go on. That's why Michael has to be with me every December, I can't splurge all the time during the year but when I can I do. So to add to my Michael Kors collection I gave myself this gift. Now ! Now the total maxinista that I am , I didn't dish the whole value of this purse. But I am happy to say that, I am enjoying my new bag.

Shopping designer doesn't have to be impossible, it's all about being at the right place and at the right time.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cotton On for Charity

In search for bargains I stopped at this store called Cotton On, at the Seminole Town Center Mall. This store caught my attention, due its organic feel . The best part, they carry men's clothing as well. So how exciting it is to shop for me and my hubs.

Being Mrs. Clearance, I went straight to her and found these amazing jeans. They fit so well, having a stretch material and a high waist cut that won't cut you in your mid section. Makes it a jean for everyday. I picked these up for $15.00. On the way out, I stopped at the counter and I saw these bracelets in allot of colors and I had to pick them up Only $3.50. How cute it's is with the charms.

Cotton On is a great store so far, we're you can get affordable and stylish clothing, even better they have these bracelets that come in many different colors and the proceeds go to there foundation. I am all about giving especially, when you know that as little as a dollar can go along way. Check out there page for more info. So why not next time you are out surfing the web for something cute to wear, or if you are around town stop by and check them out. Fl locations are the Seminole Town Center mall, Florida Mall or Volusia Mall

Hugs Mrs. Clearance

30th Birthday Chocolate Party @ Farris and Foster

I want to thank all those who came out last night to celebrate my early Birthday, I did this event mostly for you my friends.  Turning 30 means another stage in life that one will grow in intellect, wisdom, and in friendships.

We had a great time, making chocolate and most of all Thank you to my husband who is always present ( but I guess he has to be right??? lol ). My BFF Arlene for being part of my life for 13 years, and always supporting me.

Thank you to Christie founder of Llorente Design who made all my labels and all those cute paper things you see. My mom who also help me put together allot of the items you also shown, while I worked she worked on this.

But the big celebration is not till the 29th, so I am excited to see allot of my family and friends


Thursday, December 8, 2011

OOTD Part 2

Hi there,
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"Part 2 OOTD : My animal print shoes from @sophieandtrey. By the way they are having a sale tonight. Check facebook"
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OOTD Part 1 12/08

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"12/8/2011 OOTD: Its pretty cold in Fl another warm outfit I put together. Bottom up- new printed booties from @sophieandtrey on sale now. W/ some brown knee Highs I scrunched down, a pair of leggings to keep warm. I have my S&T stretchy dress under my theory turtleneck dress. Pair it w/ a pashmina in brown a 3 tone necklace from target and a long beige tunic to add a layered look. #fashiondiaries "
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Yahaira Vargas shared an Instagram photo with you

Hi there,

Yahaira Vargas just shared an Instagram photo with you:

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"A sneak peek of my chocolate party outfit for tomorrow night. Picked it up lay night @sophieandtrey. If you haven't checked them out visit the website in FB. "

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Anniversary Dinner part 2

Happy Anniversary!! Our story and our new tradition for every year

A day like today 2 years ago, we decided to get married what we call our civil wedding date. As some of you might know, we had two weddings. Originally we weren't going to get married in Dec, I've always said no way..... Since its christmas and its also my birthday and look lol.

But because Dec 5 th was our engagement party, and we got engaged Oct 14 th Josue didn't want to wait to long to tie the knot . So I said what better then to celebrate 2 events in one, crazy me came up with the idea and everyone seamed to agree. So here we are, with our 1st wedding anniversary.

Now when looking for gift's I wanted to start something that we can do every year. I love traditions, so I used my friend google and I found gift's on a 2 year anniversary.

So when you hit 2 yrs it's "COTTON". How exciting hmmm yup, this should be easy and it was. But my husband is not so much into all these celebrations, but he knows how I am a hopeless romantic he bought me flowers, a card and some chocolates. This is so out of his character, so when I see flowers I get excited.

Below are some pics of my thoughtful gifts.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

12/01 OOTD - It's all About Layering

Happy December, everyone. The countdown has started for the New Year, I am more excited this year because its my Birthday month and Wedding Anniversary as well. I turn the big 30, wooohooo but enough of me and my ventures lets talk about my 1st day of December outfit.

It's cold again, so I pulled one of my favorite pieces during winter my Theory chunky sweater in eggplant. I purchased this when I worked at the store, and I fell in love with it. Of course I didn't pay the full retail price, I used my discount .You might know by now I am a bargain hunter , so paying full price for something it's not normal for me. But I had to invest in this , and it was well worth it. I paired it with a Stretchy long fitted dress , and some Andrea B tights with a zipper back giving it a bit of a rockish look. For shoes , I purchased these black BCBG pumps at ROSS (My opinion you cant have to many black and besides being comfy and cute the price was what sold me. For accessories I am wearing one of my favorite purse designers Dooney & Bourke , I just love the neutral color on this bag and it can be worn with anything. I finished it off with my H&M leopard scarf , seen before. Taking the cream colors from the purse and the scarf to completing a cold day office look.

It's all about layering in winter, so try pairing a pair of tights with a skirt or a big chunky sweater with some leggings and Knee high socks. Well till next time,

xo Yarimar

LookBook: Theory Eggplant Sweater (, Black Strechy Dress: (Sophie & Trey ) $19.99, Andre B Tight w/ Zipper ( Sears) $5.00 , BCBG Shoes ( Ross) $10.99, Leopard Scarf ( H&M) $9.99, Dooney & Bourke 2/tone cream Bag ( Dooney & Bourke)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11/30 OOTD - Comfy Sweater Dress

Brrrr!! Its cold in Central Florida today, its about time. So I am taking every opportunity I can, to wear something new that I recently purchased at a  vintage aka Goodwill Yes, I shop at Goodwill nothing wrong with that. But I have a few rules, that I go by. I will do a post soon on how to shop at thrift store and find great things.

But any who, here is my outfit. Its a peach sweater XL for $5.00, because I wanted to wear it like a dress. So I paired it with my brownish black knee high boots from Aldos, and black tights. I found also this great scarf at Rue21 last night for $2.00, and my necklace is from Target Clearance $3.00. I love bargain shopping, nothing gives me a rush when I find sales. Well, let me correct my self I get a big rush when I'm at  church. But, shopping is next in line. jaja

Being Fashionable doesnt mean you have to break the bank, its smart shopping. So next time you see a Vintage shop, stop in and see what things you can find. Have a wonderful day. xo Yarimar

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Part 2 of Thanksgiving Decor

Here are some more ideas created.

Thanksgiving Martha Stewart Inspiration Decor

So this Thanksgiving I wanted to Do something different for my home church, and also my families Thanksgiving dinner. I come form a crafty family so, but I don't create to much because is time consuming.
But I said you know what, let's do this. So looking at Martha's Stewarts online I saw amazing ideas, and these pictures are my result, not bad!!! What do you think???
Be creative and see what happens. Just take one thing at a time, and you see you will be hooked.
Xo Yarimar

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi there,
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I had 2 one in Deltona and one in Kissimmee. Being that I have such a big family and everyone having husbands or wives it's super hard to be all together with out eating and running. 

This year we did it different, so we can spend more time as a family since we love being together.

This was my outfit for Friday. Look: Rue 21 Zebra dress, with Maker Shoes in blue, some gold and blue accessories.   I wanted to be comfy, so I was. 

Well I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your fam. Till next time. 

Xo Yarimar

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"It's a black and white w a touch of blue kinda day. #fashiondiaries "
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My 30th Birthday Pre-view E-Vites and Mood Board by Llorente Design

I'm excited to be working with a great person for my upcoming 30th Birthday parties. Yes parties with an S , lol one for friend's and the other one for close friend's and family. So Christine Llorente is the founder of Llorente Design, we met while working in Theory doing what we love, fashion. So we became friends, at that time Christine was just married. Our journey ended after I left and continued my career, we recently found ourselves in Facebook - Go Figure ;0 ) . I quickly found out she was having a baby, and through this amazing experience of motherhood she started Llorente Design and the Hip Baby Hip Mama Blog.
Right away, seeing pictures of her baby events I knew I wanted her to create something as great for my Big 30th . After much talking this is a preview of what my e-vites look like, super excited to share lot's of more pictures for the upcoming events this December. Working with someone as talented as her is amazing, every detail is to perfection. So if you are having a Birthday Party , Baby Shower, Weddings, Baptism, Graduation any type of event and paper is involved this is your girl.

Check her Llorente Design Facebook out and her blog.

Xo Yarimar