Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday 9/17 OOTD / A bit of color

Hello ladies!

I hope everyone had a great day, me on the on the other hand was busy as work that I didn't get a chance to post my outfit. Many times people as me how do you dress so cute? Or how do you out an outfit together? , and let me tell you at times is easy and sometimes is not. 

But, this particular outfit I put it together In my mind. Is so weird to say that,  but I did and this is the out come. " maybe I do a video on how I put things together?????"  Anyways details below 

Skirt : target (kids section) yes you read it right lol 
Shoes: Instagramer Fancy Steps

Hand bag: Miami last trip jelly type Furla look alike 

Jacket & Tank : Marshall's 

Is so much fun dressing up. So this is it, make sure you follow me on social media. 

 Hugs and blessings to all

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Walgreens Sale! Wet & Wild by Fergie

Hi! Ladies 

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I myself took a random trip to Miami just to hang out and do some unplanned shopping. It was a pleasant trip I purchased a few things that I will feature in another blog. But today, just wanted to share these pretty lipstick from Fergie by Wet & Wild. Walgreens was having 25% off , so I got then for $2.99 or something. So I purchased 3 colors. They will be featured later on. 

I've been meaning to try the products and maybe I will do a review on the few things I've purchased. But in the mean time , this lip color is so pretty. Fall is coming and I know everyone will start wearing dark lipsticks, but this girl will still rock pink. 

Well loves ,have a great day 
Xo Yarimar

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