Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Nails

Hi! Friends I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did, can't wait to share with you my new toy. But maybe on next weeks post :0 D. Now, the bachelor is over... ( I know, I know Sean Is now taken no more drooling) haha. But I will continue to stock him , since he's on DWTS so I will get to see him more.

Well, back to my DIY. So I thought this nail look was a simple one, and it is in some ways but you need time. So my advise is sit in front of your fave program, and start painting your nails. So follow my steps and I hope you enjoy a good mani.

What you'll need ( remember you can use any colors you want )


Nail polish remover, base coat , insta dry nails , Nail polish , tape , I use a painters brush from a kit to dip into the cap and clean up the edges , last it was this scissor in the pic. But I didn't use it, I used a regular scissor.


Step 1: place base coat ( used Avon) and cut your pattern. I used a scissor to cut zigzags on the edge of the tape.


Step 2: Pick your colors: paint the color of your choice as the base ( pick fun colors). *NOTE: that this step is important, you MUST let the color dry complete *

Step 3: Place the pc of tape over the nail, press down gently


Step 4: Apply the second nail color, after a few minutes peel off carefully. After 2 minutes I apply my Secret weapon Sally Hanson Insta Dry Top Coat. And the results are pretty.


So there you have it! Fun project for your nails. Leave me comment if you have any questions, and make sure you subscribe. Hugs

Xo yarimar