Monday, March 11, 2013

Nail Polish Mania

Hi! Friends

So how many can agree that this past year we've seen so many nailpolish addicts. Totally guilty! I can honestly say that I'm obsessed, with nail polish. I find myself going to Ulta , Walgreens and picking up a new color. Before I discovered my secret nailpolish weapon against the dreaded nail drying time, I was not into painting my nails. But now that I've found this amazing , incredible, extraordinary drying liquid I can change my nail colors at least two times a week. If you follow instructions carefully you will see that you can have a new mani a few times a week. :0) . Below is a preview of my nailpolish collection, and soon I will be expanding to a case, excited. But until now enjoy.


Enjoy a few of my manis

Today's Mani







My secret to fast drying nails





Nail polish collection

Well ladies I hope you get inspired to get those nails painted, and ready for Spring. Make sure you follow me in social media.

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