Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring!

Hi! Friends with Winter still around (booo) I can't help it but to prepare for Spring. Who cant wait for that Spring breeze, and the pretty flowers. Hmmm, I can just feel it! So this past weekend, Ulta my fave store (yea!!!), had an insert on Spring Beauty that I totally want to give my own opinion. I'm totally into changing, from a dark eye, to something soft. So lets look:

Spring first must have: Glowing Skin! Ahhh I totally agree, you've seen on Tv those girls in Malibu who look fierce with that dewy skin and gorge tan. Well I'm naturally tanned so, one point for meeeee lol. Now, how do we get that dewy look? Below are some products that can be used to reach that glow. Now! Note that you might have to try several till you get that perfect one. I'm just so into BB creams that I feel it's such an alternative to foundation on lazy days, or just days you want to cover up, but not made up. ( If you don't know what BB creams is read this BB cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

I can personally say that smatchbox is my fave for high end BB Cream , it's perfect for those days you want that foundation feel. Now, my alternative drugstore is Rimmel London new BB Cream BB CREAM | Rimmel London US. This BB cream is amazing, goes on light and its medium coverage.

Now quick tip on BB Creams : A must know is that they can tend to be oily, so if you don't like that oily look period then it's not for you. But don't loose hope, when I started to use BB Cream I thought the same thing. But after 6 different brands, I've found the right one for me. So the benefits are if you have dry skin, this will feel amazing, not only does it hydrate, but over time it gives you even skin tone. Try Garnier BB Cream ( for those dry skin girls). Ok enough on this..... Lol

Second must have for Spring : Relaxed Waves... Oh! So pretty those curls with some golden highlights and the wind blowing slowly pushing your hair ( I'm awake now, but a girl can dream right? ). But every girl wants that hair, and with these products and tools below, I'm pretty sure we can as well. Now, I haven't tried any of the hair products, but I'm sure going to try Beach Babe. First, I use some of the other products by " Not your Mothers" and they are pretty good. I also think that the right tool will get you that final look. So I have a deep wave tool, it's super fun deff for creating that wavy look. But a styling wand will get you those curls. In my personal opinion, I've tried these tools, but the busy person I am and a sucker for easy effective things, I use my topstyler by Instyler. Do you want to know more? click here TOPSTYLER® by InStyler® Amazing Volume and Sexy Curls. But being a current user of the Instyler rotating brush, I had to be faithful. So lesson to be learned, with the correct product and tool you can create your beach waves this spring.


Third and Fourth must have look for Spring: A bold Brow and a Pop of Lip Color. You may ask! why Brows? Well, the eye brows are always referred as being the one thing on your face that defines you. So what can we say, keeping your eyebrows trimmed what a mission right? Please tell me a person who loooooves to go every other week, to get plucked, waxed or threaded? NOT me! It's so pretty though after you get them done, so my new fave thing is a brow kit. As seen below, brow kits are so popular and I'm sold. Below we have Benefits Cosmetics brow kit, I love Benefits and I'm pretty sure this is an amazing kit. But a drug store alternative is NYC brow kit, so far I love it. It makes my brows look groomed and gives it shape. Now onto lips, what can I say. Your lips are the next most looked at part of your face, so having your lips moisturized and looking fresh is a must. Lip tint is so in, right now. I don't know how I feel about it, since I have the maybeline balm and I'm not a fan. It's perfect for moisture, a hint of color but nothing to drastic, but it's pretty refreshing for a pool side balm since it has SPF.

Last Spring must have look: Metallic Lids! Ok..... I know really? Metallics. Why not? , metallics used correctly can be beautiful. The products below I would so use, especialy the NYX lid shadow. When you are beach bound you want a fresh effortless look. So dabbing a hit of metallic onto your lid will do just that, and not to mention how easy it is to apply.

So no matter what you try this Spring, either a pop of color on your lip, that pretty dewy skin, or just a metallic eye, I know you will look beautiful. Go get that skin glowing, that beach bag ready, and have an amazing spring, if it ever gets here.
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