Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY 2014 Things to Remember Jar

Hi! Friends I wanted to share with you an easy DIY project , that I personally think it's super cute. It allows you to keep track during the year all the things that have occurred. 

I don't know about you, but I feel that 2013 went super fast. So when I saw this idea, I had to do it. I posted a pick on my Instagram, with some ideas on how to capture 2014.  So I thought! Why not put it in a jar, so below is what I did. This took me about 2 hrs, so if you have the time you should try it. Post a comment if you do try it. 

Let's get started


Jar: I bought it at the thrift store a while back .69, Walmart has them for $1.38 or so. Glitter of any kind , this is what I had , spray adhesive (michaels), glue gun , scissors , I added rhinestones on mine, but you can add flowers or whatever you think is cute.  

Step 1: 

I just took paper and I drew a heart, I wanted to make it transparent so the pieces of paper can be seen. Then cut it out 

Step 2: 

Once it's cut, you take tape and you allign it and place it inside the jar. Just like below. 

Step 3: 

Take spray glue and just spray it inside , Be sure that you place this inside or on something. This is really sticky and it dries fast. 

Step 4:

Take the glitter now and poor it, poor a good amount inside.  Close the lid and shake , Your jar should be covered , with glitter. 

Step 5:

Your jar should look like this, once it's a bit dry shake off extra glitter. Remove the paper , but you must let it dry. 

Step 6:  Optional 

This part is optinal, since I'm a visual person. I just printed and glued this paper to remind me on what to reflect on. 

Step 7:

I added some stones I had in my craft box, again you can use whatever you want. I also added this pink ribbon. 

This is the final outcome, I place my first piece of paper. I decided to set this in my night stand , so at night before I head to bed I take a few minutes to reflect on my day.  

I hope this gets you inspired and when 2014 ends you can open your jar and reflect back on all the things that when on. Well happy DIY!!

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