Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Claw Nails

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I hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far, I'm just relaxing and catching up on some much needed rest. Now, this weekend I hung out with my fam and BFF joined me at the mall. Doing a bit of shopping we stopped at our favorite store Aldo, and of course we bought some cute girly flats that I can't wait to get. Now, this nice girl helped us, and I noticed how cute were her nails.

Now let me just say, that I wasn't a huge fan of this new claw nail trend. For me, all the once I've seen look horrible and over the top. But to each it's own right? Anyways, but this girls nails totally changed my mind. So, I got the idea to try it myself. Now, I wasn't going to spend $40.00 in a nail salon so I took matters into my own hands.

I went to CVS and I got the following nails, the rest of the items I already had but you can purchase this at CVS or any were they sell nail products. These were the steps to get this look, took me like an hour or so. Well loves I hope you enjoy this DIY, tag me pics if you try it out.


Kiss Nails:$7.99 oval full nail cover, Nicole OPI (kardashian Kim-Pletely in Love), Sally Hansen INSTA DRI, nail file, any nail art



  1. Take nail box and find the perfect size of nails for your finger type ( lay them out)
  2. Follow directions on using the glue and apply
  3. When done take nail file and start shaping the nails ( this part is really important take your time)
  4. When your nails have the shape you want, paint them ( 2 coats). Wait 2 minutes apply INSTA DRI on all nails , leave the nail that the stones will go on last
  5. Pre select what design or stones you will use and lay them out
  6. Apply INSTA DRI on the nail, take the end of the stick and dip it a bit in the clear nail polish so the rhinestones can be picked up and applied to the nail
  7. When done apply one top coat of clear INSTA DRI and your done

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